Skills Sharing

Everybody has skills, we all do amazing things every day. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise that the things we do and think of as nothing special are actually skills.

Previous generations had many of the skills needed within their own community. Now we don’t. Or do we?

Skills Group

There are lots of people out there growing food in their gardens, making delicious meals, preserves, freezing produce, building raised beds out of old bits of wood, putting up shelves, knitting, making & mending clothes, repairing bicycles, cycling, using computers... The list goes on and on.

The Bideford Sustainability Group want to pass these skills around. Learning and sharing skills is FUN! Bring your skills to the party.

Projects so far include a talk from Jo Hynes on 'Gardening for Bees' followed by a workshop out in the sunshine on Bideford’s old Station making nest boxes for solitary bees, skills workshops & demonstrations including first aid, growing vegetables in containers, making paper plant pots, patchwork, soup making, windowsill salads, knitting, making bags from recycled materials, demonstrating a homemade water filter, etc.

If you’d like to come and join us on our voyage of skills discovery we’d love to hear from you.