Positive Living Fair

Bideford Sustainability Group is proud to have been part of the team with North Devon Positive Living Group, Intagr8 and One Bideford creating the first Bideford Positive Living Fair at Bideford Pannier Market on September 4th 2016.

It was a vibrant day for all the family with performers, speakers, workshops, activities, alternative therapists and stalls from our local community coming together to celebrate some of the wonderful things happening in the Bideford Area.

Performers included the fantastic Streetz Dance Crew, Bideford Pipe Band and storytelling from Leo Gray. Plenty of food was available, including free tea and cake, for refreshment after walking up the hill to the market. There were opportunities to learn how much person-power it takes to light a light bulb, get to know a (rescued) reptile, make a garland of flowers and much more.

One of the highlights of the day was the Bideford Bun competition. Aspiring bakers were invited to create a unique bun for Bideford and our congratulations to the winner, Helen Cusack. We hope The Bideford Bun, using Helen’s recipe, will soon be available in local shops etc. for all to enjoy.

The mayor was heard to say that he had never seen so many people in the pannier market!

Plans are already afoot for next year’s event.

organising team

Members of the organising team. From the left Fred Brown, Marianne Winfield, Rachel Raper, Jane Williams and Rose Young-French.