Remembering Chris Done

Chris, unusually, missed a BSG trustees meeting. After a week with no contact by phone or email and not finding him at home, I contacted the ND District Hospital where my search found him. We all knew that Chris had health problems and I had already contacted Ruth Funnell of the Green Party to see if she had any news of him. Chris was their treasurer.


I visited Chris in hospital, and later reported my observations back to our trustees and to Ruth. I think that at that point all the networks that Chris had been part of, started buzzing, for when Chris died, the responses to the brief obituary notice sent out were numerous. For a start, more than twice the usual number of people opened the email and many messaged back to say how sad they felt. Some wrote more:-

Laurence Shelley wrote "How sad to hear of Chris's death. He impressed me with his active interest in local issues and I gathered he approached his health conditions philosophically, accepting these in an almost dispassionate way. As with so many similar occasions, I wish I had known him better."

Julie Dennis wrote "I became good friends with Chris Done in my brief time here, and became very fond of him indeed. Chris often seemed very serious, but there was most certainly a very mischievous element to him that was amply displayed in our regular swearing competitions. I wondered if (the next time we meet) we might do something to mark/ mention/celebrate his life and say something about the great personal sacrifices he made in trying to make a difference to our community."


Angus Winfield, October 2016