Creating A Climate For Change


We meet informally in the Joiners' Arms 6 Market Street, Bideford on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7.30 pm.

Our informal café meetings are at The Pannier Pantry at the Custom House, 1 Bridgeland Street on the third Thursday of each month, at 11.00 am.

All are welcome to these meetings and to any of our events - see our Facebook page Bideford Sustainability Group (BSG) for up-to-date information.

You will discover that we are a group of local people who agree that we're facing some quite challenging changes to the way we live - a changing climate being just one of the issues involved.

We recognise that we need to adapt and find new ways (or rediscover old ones!) of sourcing our food and new ways of creating the energy we need. We've found this can also be a fantastic way of building our community and strengthening links between groups and individuals.

Explore this site and find out what we stand for and what we've been doing.

Join Us

We work together to encourage people to grow, cook and preserve their own food, share skills and reduce waste.

Become a part of our community and discover new ways of sourcing our food and creating the energy we need.

Get Involved

Skills Sharing

Everybody has skills, we all do amazing things every day. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise that the things we do and think of as nothing special are actually skills.

Previous generations had many of the skills needed within their own community. Now we don’t. Or do we?

Tarka Trail Orchards and Allotments

We currently have two small orchards and three allotment plots on the Tarka Trail.

Bideford Repair Café

Bideford Repair Café is a monthly event on the 2nd Saturday of the month, 10:00 - 13:00 at Bideford Library. Bring along textiles, small  household items and small electronic devices needing some TLC and our volunteer repairers will do their best to

Volunteer Trustees Needed

We would welcome new trustees and current officers are:

Tom Wiersma - Treasurer
Brian Hopkins
Julia Kite
Nicola Quill

For more information please contact

Our Aims

The official aims and objectives for the group are:

  • To help Bideford and its surrounding area become more resilient.
  • To involve and support the community in local projects such as: growing and producing food, energy production and skill sharing.
  • To promote sustainable living, learning and information sharing.
  • To build a stronger community spirit by the above means.

Global Challenges

To feed our apparently limitless desire for more of everything, the planet has been exploited with hardly a thought for the resulting devastation.

If we plot a path to more sustainable ways of living, we will help to conserve the planet’s resources and biodiversity, and enhance our future prospects.

Lifestyle changes will be called for. Now is the time for positive thinking and creative action.

Raising Awareness

BSG has many facets, one of which is to raise awareness in the Bideford area of the global challenges leading to the formation of the group and also of the existence of the group itself.

  • Sharing ideas, and inspiration at our monthly meetings at the Joiners' Arms and the Pannier Pantry at the Custom House.
  • Attending local events demonstrating skills and displaying information.
  • Inviting experts to speak locally.
  • Skills sharing
  • Putting on films and events to engage the local community
  • Press coverage of events and projects
  • Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information about what is going on.